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Clash Royale Best Deck, Free Gems and More Gold Here!

Clash Royale Best Deck, Free Gems and More Gold Here!

Clash Royale Best Deck, Free Gems and More Gold Here! 

Some fans and avid users of the Clash of Clans have switched to the latest Supercell game, Clash Royale. With the recent update in May, gamers have been introduced to new cards, changes and updates that have caused further motivation to strive in the game rankings. Speculation is rampant online as to what is the Clash Royale Best Deck and fans have been thoroughly searching for information.

It is no doubt that the Clash of Clans has been overshadowed by the new game despite having some of the same characters. Since gamers have been experiencing the same characters and elements from the Clash of Clans in a card collecting spontaneous battle, the Clash Royale immediately became the game to download.


For Arena 3-6, iDigitalTimes reported a useful, strategized deck. It would consist of a Level 6 Fire Spirit, Level 8 Archers, Level 2 Skeleton Army, Level 5 Musketeer, Level 5 Fireball, Level 5 Valkyrie, Level 5 Hog Rider and Level 2 Goblin Barrel. According to the report, the deck is versatile since it can easily switch from defensive to offensive mode and can be very useful for countering. It is suggested to use Musketeer and Valkyrie as the main defensive combo.


Arena 5-7 would require this deck. Start off with Level 8 Minions, Level 7 Cannon, Level 7 Goblins, Level 8 Zap, Level 7 Spear Goblins, Level 5 Valkyrie, Level 4 Hog Rider and Level 5 Fireball. The main advantage of the deck is that it does not require any epic cards. However one thing that can counter the deck is bomb tower, so for gamers who are planning to use this, be mindful.

For Arena 4-5, get a Level 2 Prince, Level 7 Minion Horde, Level 7 Barbarians, Level 5 Rocket, Level 4 Valkyrie, Level 2 Rage, Level 7 Arrows and Level 5 Musketeer. The Minion Horde will be useful for long-range attacks. It is also believed that this deck can deliver definite destruction of one castle. However, users must be aware of Dragon and Giant combinations.

The Clash Royale Best Deck is surely a hard one to find as players have their own respective styles in playing the card battle game. Hopefully, the decks mentioned above would provide enough for beginners to get a hold of the game.