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Clash Royale: A First Look At The Clone Spell

Clash Royale: A First Look At The Clone Spell

Clash Royale: A First Look At The Clone Spell
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Clash Royale: A First Look At The Clone Spell
Clash Royale: A First Look At The Clone Spell

The Clone Spell is the next spell card that will be available in Clash Royale in the following weeks. After the release of the Tornado, it was met with praise for being an amazing counter to the current sieging meta. And now, we’re going to tackle about the upcoming spell card and how it will possibly make or break the top tier Arena.

Clash Royale Overview: Clone Spell

Just like in Clash of Clans, the Clone spell duplicates the troops within the spell’s radius. But unlike in the Clash of Clans where it duplicates troops depending on the space of each troop, in Clash Royale, virtually all troops can be duplicated using the Clone Spell. So far, based on the leaked gameplay video, we can assume that it duplicates the total count of the deployed troops which means that if you deploy a Three Musketeers, it will clone all three of them.

You may think that the new spell card is overpowered but there’s always a catch to every seemingly beautiful cards and the Clone spell also has it and that is, all of the cloned troops have 1 HP. Meaning, any splash ability or AoE damaging spells can virtually annihilate all of the cloned troops. Which makes the overly used Log and Zap will even become more predominant in the Arenas. Today, we’re going to show the advantages and strengths of the new card and how to effectively demolish your opponent with the 1 HP cloned troops it duplicates.









Important Reminder:
Clone Spell is unlockable starting from Arena 8
All Cloned troops have 1 HP.
Clone spell cannot clone Golemites and Lava pups
It cannot clone buildings

Clone Spell Strategy

Due to the drawback of having trifling HP on the cloned troops, the best way to maximize the card is to clone the supporting troops behind a Tank. This will then create a defensive response from your enemy which, at just 3 Elixir, you may then create sequential positive trades in the process. You can use the Golem/ Giant into Wizard Push and then Clone the Wizzard and then once your enemy is full at the initial push, you’ll then create a second wave at the other lane. Possibly a low-cost troops that can cheap away the Tower’s health.

The best thing about the Clone spell is that, it copies the exact stats of the troops with only of an exception to its HP. With this in mind, you can make use of the Mirror in conjunction to the Clone spell – making the Princess a lot of a threat to the enemy towers more than ever. Mirroring a princess and then Cloning the both of them could be a possibility but since the card has yet to be released, we can never confirm until then.

What do you think of the upcoming Clone spell? Do you think it’ll be a game-changer in the Arenas? Or is it just as mediocre as the Elite Barbarians? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!


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