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Clash Royale Guide: How to Win the Game Using Furnace

Clash Royale Guide: How to Win the Game Using Furnace

Clash Royale Guide: How to Win the Game Using Furnace
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Furnace is one of the most flexible card in “Clash Royale” which is one of the reasons why players can use it to their advantage and win the game. It’s a great card not just for defense but also when giving support to a tank or protects any other card from any attack against it. And if its level is high, players can even get the Fire Spirits to get the dealings of the tower of about 200 damages which eventually destroys the tower with 13 Fire Spirit and just 3 Furnace placements. So without further ado, here is a guide how to use Furnace to a player’s advantage.

Using “Clash Royale” Furnace for Defense

Even though a Furnace is usually used for offense, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for defense. It is especially effective against Giant pushes, Hogs, and Lava Hound pushes. And Furnace is very useful when battling against them because of its Fire Spirits that attacks with a splash damage to any unit heading towards the tower.

When it’s defending against Giant Pushes and Hog, its best to place it in the center placement so it can defend itself while being able to lure opponents in the middle, allowing it to be the target of two towers. For Lavahounds, place Furnace behind the corner so they can throw continuous damage as the opponents push.

Recommended Counter-attack for a “Clash Royale” Furnace

 Of course there will also be situations where a player will be going against a Furnace so they should also know the best way to counter it. It’s absolutely hard to beat down its defense, considering Poison and Fireball spell doesn’t work on them. The only thing a player can do is to use a Miner against the Furnace if it is attacking from the back of the corner. If it is in the middle, the player should use a Hog or a Giant to attack. If that doesn’t work, players can resort to archers or dragon in their deck as it has enough power to kill the Fire Spirit and the Furnace.