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Clash Royale: New Legendary Card Graveyard, Tips, Strategy and Deck Build

Clash Royale: New Legendary Card Graveyard, Tips, Strategy and Deck Build

Clash Royale: New Legendary Card Graveyard, Tips, Strategy and Deck Build
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Great news everyone! Supercell had just released a new Legendary Card that’s highly versatile and effective in the higher tiers. It’s called the “Graveyard” Card which might sound a little creepy but these spooky minions will lead your battles to victory! We’ve prepared some of the best strategies and decks that go perfectly with this card to push your way to the arena 8+!

Clash Royale: Graveyard Summary

It’s important to know how the card works in order to fully utilize its potentials. Here are the important things to note when playing the Graveyard card:

Spawns up to 20 skeletons in a 5-tile radius, 10 seconds duration

Can be placed anywhere in the map, works like the Miner, Fireball, etc.

It is unlocked from the Arena 5

One of the hardest tower hitters in an unguarded tower

Elixir Cost





Spawn Speed










Clash Royale: Graveyard Strategy

The new spell card can deal devastating damage to an unguarded tower especially if you paired it with another decent dps that have a decent hp (Miner). But before we go into the deck strategies, let me just pointed out that although the Graveyard only has 5-tile radius, there is a small window where your skeleton might activate the King’s Tower. So be very careful when you’re placing the spell into the enemy tower. A common misplay when using the Graveyard card is placing the spell 1 tile away from the King. Take note that although the tower might be 1 tile away from the radius, there’s still a chance that the skeleton will trigger the King’s Tower so I highly suggest placing the spell 2 tiles away from the center of your opponent’s tower.

Best Decks For Graveyard Combo

X-Bow Beatdown Deck

The Graveyard strategy can go well with the X-Bow Beatdown deck which I previously explained in my previous iTechpost article. Based on that combo, you can replace the Skeleton Army with the Graveyard spell. But take note that this spell card is not great at playing defensively and so taking away the Skeleton Army might jeopardize your defense. But I’ve already tried this one out and so far it worked well for me as my enemy staggers in the past 1 minute of the game with my elixir advantage and trade-ups. You just have to be more efficient in your trades and defense with your X-Bow and a surprise Graveyard spell will take down your enemy tower almost instantly.

Miner Cycle Deck

Another great deck which you can pair with the Graveyard deck is the Miner Cycle deck by Ash. Miner + Graveyard is an amazing tower destroyer especially when your miner is soaking most of the damage from your enemy’s troops. Take note that Graveyard can quickly take out the Queen BUT it’s still highly unreliable as the spawn rate of skeletons may vary throughout the spell radius. Nonetheless, Graveyard can effectively take down any tower paired with a Miner and a Hog Rider.


Graveyard has a 5 Elixir cost and many people might think that it isn’t worth it. Personally, I’d still prefer the Skeleton Army over the Graveyard spell but somehow, for the past 24 hours, I’ve had good success on my runs using the new legendary card. The surprise mechanism of its insane damage can literally shock your opponent. The downside is that, you need to have a lot of elixir advantage in order to maximize the potential of this card as having a basic defensive troop can render the Graveyard ineffective.