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Clash Royale November Update: What You Need to Know

Clash Royale November Update: What You Need to Know

Clash Royale November Update: What You Need to Know
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Today Supercell confirmed another big Clash Royaleupdate is coming soon, and along with it teased a brand new card. Just a few weeks ago a much needed update arrived in October, but now even more is coming soon. Here’s what gamers need to know about the November 1st Clash Royale update.

Since being released in March Clash Royale hasn’t slowed down once. Continuously being one of the most popular mobile games, ahead of Pokemon GO, and receiving new content every month. In a surprise change of pace another update is coming first thing in November.

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On October 20th a huge set of game balancing changes arrived to fix the Giant and Poison decks. Not to mention even things out after too many changes from earlier months. However, now it looks like the developers at Supercell have a few more tricks and changes up their sleeve.

A new Tornado air and ground spell is coming soon

A new Tornado air and ground spell is coming soon

Typically the developers release one update every 30 days or so, and rarely more than one in a month. With a November 1st update officially announced its highly likely we’ll see at least two updates in the near future. The first one coming on November 1st, which will also unlock a brand new spell.

Recently Supercell calmed down the overpowered Giant and Poison decks, changed the log, and boosted the Skeleton Army. Then made Elixir collectors more of a gamble by making them more expensive. We also received new troops and spells to change up gameplay. If that wasn’t enough, here’s what is coming next.

Clash Royale November Update & Changes

Ice Spirit: Freeze duration decreased to 1.5sec (from 2sec)
– Currently highly used at the top, Ice Spirit offers a bit too much stopping power for 1 Elixir.

Ice Golem: Death Damage increased by 74%
– This change ensures that Ice Golem’s Death Damage kills Skeletons (at the Tournament Rules card levels).

Rage: Effect increased to 35% (from 30%)
– Rage can be a really fun and impactful spell when it makes an appearance in the Arena, but currently it isn’t seeing much usage. Increasing the effect should make it a more compelling choice.

Lumberjack: Rage effect increased to 35% (from 30%)
– For consistency with the Rage spell changes above.

Inferno Tower: Hitpoints decreased by 6%
– Inferno Tower is currently one of the top defensive choices and as a result the “big guys” (Golem, etc.) become less appealing to use. Additionally, it can sometimes be hard to efficiently remove from the Arena, so we’re aiming to remedy both of these things with a small Hitpoint reduction.

Above gamers can see some of the changes that will be implemented on November 1st. It’s worth noting that this won’t be an actual update from the app store, rather a behind the scenes server upgrade where all changes will immediately take effect for any and all players.

Some noteworthy changes are a less powerful Inferno Tower, as it’s too powerful. Along with making Rage more useful, and the Ice Golem death damage enough to kill Skeletons and other small troops.

However, one of the most exciting parts of the update weren’t meant to be shared, or were leaked on purpose. Come November 1st at least one new card will be released, and possible more. We’re not sure how it works, or what it will be called, but it looks like a 3-Elixir Tornado spell is coming. Essentially offering a troop similar to the Log, without being a Legendary card that is also able to attack air troops.

The teaser image confirms this is an Epic card, so most players will be able to acquire it relatively easy. It also hints at being a great counter for the Hog, with one flying in the wind on the icon. It’s the new item one from the far bottom left.

Over the past two months Supercell has added four new cards to Clash Royale, and now a fifth will be here soon enough. That, along with the changes mentioned above should add a refreshing change of pace and once again mix things up to keep the gameplay as exciting and challenging as possible. As soon as we have more information we’ll update with all the details.