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Clash Royale: October 2017 Balance Changes Announced

Clash Royale: October 2016 Balance Changes Announced

Clash Royale: October 2016 Balance Changes Announced
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In addition to debuting new cards throughout the month, a series of balancing changes are coming to the Clash Royale arena later this week.

The Clash Royale development team released the latest set of balancing changes, set to be released in-game on Thursday, October 20th. After introducing the Inferno Baby Dragon and Ice Golem in recent weeks, the dev team seems to never rest.

As we’ve come to expect now, a series of modifications to existing cards is part of the monthly cycle to help re-balance they perceive to be imbalanced in the game. This month release has seven changes.


  • Giant: As noted in the release note the giant poison combo is too strong. Thus a slight reduction in the games most popular tank unit (-5% hit-points).
  • Log: Damage will increase by 9%, and it will take out opponents faster and at a farther distance. No official word on the speed and length adjustments. Could be a nice counter to a princess behind the giant.
  • Skeleton Army: Cost is dropping from four to three elixir, but the number of skeletons is also reduced to 16 (from 21). The single unit level will also be increased to five.
  • Golem & Ice Golem: Minor adjustment so that upon destruction damage is inflicted on both ground and air troops equally.

Clash Royale - Ice Golem


  • Poison: A highly versatile card that can inflict damage and slow troops at the same time. It appears they consider it too powerful as the spell will no longer slow down the movement speed of troops.


  • Elixir Collector: One of the most used cards in the game since its debut. The collector will see a price increase from five to six, an increase in output from seven to eight, and the lifetime will be extended ten seconds to 1:20. The card will be a big boost if you can survive your opponents immediate response to capitalize on your elixir shortage.