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Clash Royale unveils new card Ice Golem

Clash Royale unveils new card Ice Golem

Clash Royale unveils new card Ice Golem
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I must admit that for a month now, I’ve been binge-playing the hit Supercell game Clash Royale. So whenever it releases new cards, excitement and alarm hit my body. This week, the game will again introduce a brand new troop that could change its meta (including that hard-to-beat hog cycle and giant poison decks).

Clash Royale will launch Ice Golem in less than 8 hours as of this writing, and experts of the game say it is a brand new tank card that can absorb hit points and protect other troops from getting more damage. For instance, it can protect stab goblins at its back, or perhaps a witch while it continuously summon skeletons.

It is also expected to shake up the popular card combinations I have mentioned above.

YouTuber Orange Juice published a brief video explaining how the Ice Golem works. One use of it according to the video is to protect your tower from incoming minions, goblins and other hard-hitting tanky cards such as the knight and even the legendary card Lumberjack. Orange Juice adds that players who use miner cycle cards can easily utilize the Ice Golem due to its low elixir cost (more about this in a bit), and its features.

Basically, the Ice Golem is a mini Giant card with a bit of Ice Wizard’s slow power. At level one, the card has 625 health, 40 damage, 16 damage per second and 23 death damage. For comparison, the regular Epic card Golem, at level one, has 3,200 hit points, 195 damage, 78 damage per second and 195 death damage. But here’s the fun part, unlike the regular Golem, the Ice Golem costs 2 elixirs only which is 6 elixirs cheaper than the original golem tank. Plus, the death damage of the regular golem is more powerful, but does not slow down enemy troops.

Last month, Supercell released the air card unit Mega Minion which is a good alternative to the regular 3 minions card. Costing only three elixirs, but slower than the regular minions, the Mega Minion at level one has hit points of 395, damage of 162, damage per second of 124, and it can both target air and ground troops just like other air cards.

So far based on my gaming and observations, the Mega Minion has already changed the game meta for a bit, giving free-to-play players the chance to compete with pay-to-win players with more legendary cards in their pockets. So it is safe to say that the Ice Golem will do the same in the coming weeks.