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Top 10 Clash Royale Best Cards Right Now

Top 10 Clash Royale Best Cards Right Now

Top 10 Clash Royale Best Cards Right Now
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We’re going to give you guys our opinions on the top 10 Clash Royale best cards. Now we know we’re going to get some people who may disagree with my opinions, so we really want to emphasize that these are our own opinions. Along with why these cards are the best cards in the game, we’re also going to give you guys our opinions on how these cards can be balanced and ways for us to have more diversity in the game because we do believe some of these cards offer too much value.

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Top 10 Clash Royale best cards – Skeleton

A very high valued card. They’re often very under-rated. Four level 9 Skeletons do a total of 268 damage per second together. While 3 Level 9 Goblins do a bit more damage than these while costing one more elixir. Skeletons are very cost-efficient. They can form powerful combos with other cards and can be devastating at such a low cost. They are super effective on Defense.


It is the only defensive building in the game that can counter the Hog Rider and grant you a positive value in return. It can also defend pretty well against other high elixir cards such as Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, Dark Prince and so on.


It has the highest HP of any splash attacking troop. Also, it is the strongest splash attacker in the game excluding Sparky of course. Considering that it only costs 4 elixir, this makes it very useful especially considering she can counter the Ice Wizard and Princess with ease. She is also the best support killer in the game.

Zap Spell

Hands down the best spell card in the game. It inflicts damage super fast and has a one second stun effect. It only costs two elixir and will grant you a lot of advantage in return. Zapping hordes of enemies has never gone wrong. So, it is definitely a card which gives a lot in return for such a low cost.


It is the best counter to the Princess. Miner disrupts support cards such as the Wizard, Musketeer and Witch. Because of really high HP, it can shield low HP troops such as Goblins.

Mega Minion

The Mega Minion is a card the game really needed, a card that doesn’t die to Poison, has a high damage per second stat for only a 3 Elixir cost, and can avoid being targeted and pushed back by troops like the Bowler. Ever since the introduction of Mega Minion, people have begun to use Mini Pekka less and less frequently.

Lava Hound

Previously, Lava Hound decks lacked a high DPS air attacker that wasn’t weak to Poison or Fireball. And now with the advent of the Mega Minion, Lava Hound decks have become a very good answer to many Giant Poison decks. The two most powerful forms of Lava Hound decks consist of the Lava Hound with Poison or Lightning Spell.

Elixir Collector

A very valuable card for almost all expensive decks. If you’re using a deck with a really high average elixir requirement then this card is a must. No other card in the game has a higher investment value than this.

Royal Giant

It has a large range which is too much in proportion to its bulky size. Not only can it avoid getting shot at from a long range but also because his position makes it less effective for the opponent to counter push effectively.

Ice Spirit takes the top spot in our Clash Royale Best Cards list

It can do so much for only 1 Elixir. It can freeze anything for 2 seconds, does splash damage, can target air units like Minions, doesn’t die to a Zap Spell under tournament levels, can out range and kill Fire Spirits, can reset the charge of an Inferno Tower or Sparky or Prince, can force a troop or building to retarget, can mitigate the damage of lone troops like Musketeer or Ice Wizard by a lot.

Let us know what you think of our Guide so far for Clash Royale best cards.