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Arena 7 – Best Deck Builds Clash Royale

Arena 7 - Best Deck Builds Clash Royale

Arena 7 – Best Deck Builds Clash Royale
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Here is a listing and descriptions for some of the best decks that can be made from using Arena 7 cards in the Royal Arena.

All of the decks listed will contain cards that must be unlocked by reaching Arena  7. You may not have access to some cards if you are unable to enter the Royal Arena.

Charging Princes
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Minion Horde
  • Tesla
  • Rocket
  • Arrows

Although the average Elixir cost can be a bit high, this deck is solid with its counter focus and offensive capabilities. The Dark Prince and Prince will be your main offensive cards, while most of everything else will be solid counter measures against your opponent. The Prince will deal a lot of damage to Towers after charging for a bit, while the Dark Prince is better suited against groups of enemies with his area dealing damage.

Barbarians, Minion Horde, and Arrows are the best counter cards you have against powerful enemies and attacks. Playing them when your opponent uses up a lot of Elixir on a powerful unit or group of cards will be helpful to you in keeping the advantage. Rocket is better suited when a match nears the end and you can add that extra damage to destory a tower for the win.

If you need a solid defense while you focus on your Princes, the Tesla can be a good way to keep units away from your Towers. It will take out more units that move near, so you don’t have to spend extra Elixir on countering smaller units immediately.