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Clash Royale Guides for Arena 7-8

Clash Royale Guides for Arena 7-8

I’m stuck at 2800-3000. Level 9 king tower, Giant(7), Rocket (7), witch(4) Goblin barrel(3),Spear Gobs(10) Arrows(10) Minion Horde(10) Skeleton army(3). This deck has taken me from arena 4 all the way to arena 8, 2800 trophies. Avg 4.0 elixir.

win 3/4 in a row, get to about 2850/2900 trophies, draw to level 10/11s a few times, then go on a losing run of 4/5/6 games back down to 2700ish. Repeated that cycle for weeks now, current PB is 2936.

Tried a few other decks but get murdered in seconds as card levels are too low, it seems that waiting for cards to level & building gold up is the only way forward now, I’m totally F2P though.

How I play it:

Depending on my opening hand,My general tactic is to immediately launch a goblin barrel or spear gobs to chip a tower, and to cheaply find out if oppo has zap/arrows/log/fireball.

Is great for taking out any 5/6 elixir wizards/witches/level 1 bowlers/ sparky BB/EB in one shot, especially if I can clip an arena tower for approx 500 health, plus I consider it a major tactical advantage & worth the -1 elixir trade being able to take out the major “support” troop before they get behind a tank like a giant,RG, Golem etc. Also great for huge groups of troops, especially 3 musketeers etc. Great to get rid of pesky buildings of spawned decks. I find it a very high risk high reward card, if you miss a shot a lot of time it’s game over, but is often a great way to finish with a win by (at level 7) doing 493 points damage without having to get to a tower in the dying seconds. The major factor of winning with the rocket is being able to get value, if you can take out a high value building such as a spear gob hut, or a high value troop as well as hitting a tower then you will rip through most decks.

The evergreen Giant…. We all know how he works, meat shield supreme, I find he works best to get the tower locked into him, then time a goblin barrel, minion horde or skarmy in to get doing the real damage, the combo can destroy a tower in seconds. A witch as back up is a great combo as well to get rid of the swarm defenses. I use him in Defence as much as offense, placed 1 tile away from your own towers or timed to draw troops as they cross the bridge, he lets the towers take out the threat whilst retaining a larger proportion of his health. If you can get him to a tower then his damage is useful.

Goblin Barrel:
A pretty offence oriented card, really works best when the tower is distracted, and can do major damage in a few seconds, but also useful for chip damage on its own, unaided it can do approx 500 points. Occasional use as an emergency distraction, but a bit of a waste.

Spear goblins:
Versatile & cheap, used correctly can remove a lot of threats or seriously damage them through chip damage & distraction value by drawing to the centre. Does about 300 points tower damage undefended. Useful behind the giant to chip towers & kill off defenders.

The key to this deck, great all rounder as she’s so versatile, the splash damage is great at defending swarms, the skeletons are very useful for aiding in taking out hogs, prince, giants etc. used behind the giant she is deadly & useful with even a tiny amount of health if she survives a fireball etc. pretty easy to take out unsupported, but great cover for other troops to chip damage towers

Minion Horde:
Another high risk high reward card, rips through anything if undefended, but can be killed off easily. Behind the giant/witch or even spears they can wreak a tower in seconds. Also useful for a naked surprise opposite lane counter if you know your opponent has used their spells/splash troops.

Skeleton army:
Pretty much as above, great for trading against hogs, prince & pretty much any tanky troop.

A pretty much must have card, self explanatory, although occasionally used for minor chip damage if you can clip a tower whilst killing those pesky swarms & princesses etc, or finishing off a damaged tank…. also a very useful end of game clutch card, 107 tower damage can win you the game,especially if combined with a rocket to give 600 hit points.

Deck Strengths:

Great against tanky decks, can build a big push from the back & still have defence options right until you commit to the push at the point the giant reaches the bridge. Played right, it’s a very hard deck to stop as it’s so versatile.

If people are carrying lots of spells & splash, or lots of air, the squishy troops get killed easily & it’s very hard to defend for good value. Wizards/ bombers/ Valks are a pain to Defend against, hogs & zap can be a real pain, but once you have the rotation you can hopefully avoid the spells. Inferno towers are a real pain, but switching to rockets instead of the giant mean you can rotate through pretty quickly & do 500 points of unstoppable damage every cycle.


Can anyone suggest some improvements/areas to improve on please? Only legends I have is lumberjack & inferno dragon.

I’m stuck around 2800 trophies & just need a bit of a nudge to get into the legends arena!

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