Clash Royale Ice Golem update; definitive guide for melee strategy Read more

Clash Royale Ice Golem update; definitive guide for melee strategy Read more
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Clash Royale Ice Golem update; definitive guide for melee strategy  Read more
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Supercell’s “Clash Royale” is constantly updating their game with brand new content to maintain its fan base. Its latest troop is a small, but highly effective in melee called Ice Golem and it is already considered one of the most efficient troops for offence and defense.
Keeping up to their promise of releasing a new card every two weeks, Supercell recently unveiled their latest creation. The Ice Golem is a small melee troop that target buildings and it only two costs two elixirs. Aside from targeting buildings, Touch Arcade also reports that an Ice Golem freezes surrounding enemies for three seconds.

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One of the biggest weaknesses of Ice Golem is its relatively low hit points which mean you should never release the melee troop alone because the tower can easily destroy it without any support. However, Ice Golem becomes a formidable tool for other troops to penetrate the enemy territory with ease. Because of its freeze function, it will hold off the incoming enemy for three seconds which should be good enough to inflict further damage.

On the other hand, Ice Golem is probably one of the best troops to use for defense. Aside from defending the territory by freezing incoming enemy for other troops to destroy, Ice Golem is also an effective “kite” which means it can be used as bait for incoming troops. This is especially effective when the player is up against multiple attacks such as Giant/PEKKA/Goblin combo according to Clash Royale Arena.

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Defensive strategy against Ice Golem is relatively easy but it will most likely attack with a powerful troop. The defensive strategy should be enough to kill Ice Golem and the support defensive troop should swoop in after melee troop’s freeze ends. A defensive structure should be good for defense but it’s important to be careful on the next wave of attack after the Ice Golem.

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Ice Golem is available for players in Arena 8 or Frozen Peak. The biggest advantage of Ice Golem is its elixir return because it only costs two elixirs to distract and destroy incoming troops. By properly placing the Ice Golem for attack, it can be used as an affordable shield for incoming defensive troops.

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