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Clash Royale News: A First Look At Elite Barbarians wow!!

Clash Royale News: A First Look At Elite Barbarians wow!!

Clash Royale News: A First Look At Elite Barbarians wow!!
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The next patch update will go live next week and we’ve already been teased for what’s next to come – and that’s the Elite Barbarians! Today, we’re going to have our first take at the Elitie Barbarians and give an overview and strategy for the new 6-Elixir common card. Do you think it’s better than the normal barbarians? We’ll find out!

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians Overview















Important Things to Note:
The Elite Barbarians are unlocked from starting from Arena 7 (Royal Arena)
Elite Barbarians Movement Speed are faster than the Hog Rider and can essentially chase down the unit.
They have significantly higher health than the normal barbarians

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians Strategy

Now, we’ve made an Elite Barbarians vs Normal Barbarians article which made a definitive comparison between the two and why Elite Barbarians, despite its 6 Elixir cost, (NB has only 5 Elixir) is well worth it. As you can see, Elite barbarians basically removes one of the most common threats to the normal barbarians and that is, AoE spells and troop abilities. Even though it costs 6 Elixirs, it opens up a wide array of strategic advantages than the normal barbarians, it can chase down fast units (Hog Riders), it can’t be easily wiped with lightning and fireball and lastly, it also is as much of a threat to your enemy tower as the normal barbarians.

Now, the main strategy for Elite Barbarians is not for defense but rather for offense. You would want to take advantage for its very fast movement speed which can easily reach out to your enemy towers. It’s a great troop to add for your counterpush (Hog Riders, Ice Golem, Lumberjack, etc.). Now, although it has its own perks, it has its own downsides as well and that is, its high 6-Elixir cost; this will take it to a level equivalent to the Royal Giant.

But don’t hastily jump into conclusion; Elite Barbarians can still serve you in other ways than the other 6-Elixir cards. One of the best ways to maximize its efficiency is to drop a decoy on the other bridge and ready for a huge counterplay on the other side. Add supporting troops to enable the Elite Barbarians to reach the Tower and ensure yourself the first Crown.

Last Tip: If you have Giant Chests, be sure to save it until next week, right after they release the new card and you’ll surely have a hefty load of Elite Barbarians along the way! And be sure to climb to the Royale Arena to unlock them!