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Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: How To Reach 4k

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: How To Reach 4k

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: How To Reach 4k
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Trying to reach the competitive ladder? If you’re looking for ways on how you can improve your game and beat your opponents in every deck that you face, you may want to take some of this 4k player’s advice on how to dominate the Arenas regardless of your current deck. Want to reach 4k? Here’s how.

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: How to Reach 4k

Most of the players are having trouble pushing their trophies beyond Legendary. One of the reasons we commonly hear is that “our deck is not the current meta” or “our cards been nerfed,” etc. But today, a 4k player has shared his insights regarding the game and how you can effectively climb in the Arenas using proper understanding and execution of your cards.

On a Reddit post, a player has given effective tips on how to properly execute your cards in your hand in order to maximize Elixir trades and dominate your opponent with style. St1ckmanz emphasized the importance of patience and execution in the game in order to create the “perfect opportunity” against your opponents. Instead of directly reacting from a push/counterpush or even counterplay from your opponents, it’s important to have patience to wait for the perfect opportunity to play your card. In order to grasp this fully, here are some of the scenarios where proper execution will win you matches:

Clash Royale Strategy: Proper Execution

One of the most prominent decks in the Arenas are Golems, Lava Hounds, Miner, and even Giants. Now, it’s basically obvious that any tank decks will have supporting cards in order to create a huge push or set for a counter-push on the other lane. Now, suppose that you have Tombstone or Inferno Tower (most common defensive buildings) in your hand, will you drop your card immediately to lure the tank? Of course not! You have to wait for the supporting troops in order to change the target of the tank, pull it on the other side and let your Tower and other supporting troops clear the squishy siege troops and the tank.

Now, the above strategy mostly revolves around “patience.” Another tip he shared is about “anticipation,” which is vital especially when countering your opponent’s counter plays. One of the scenarios that apply for this is when your opponent plays Hogs and you drop your Skeletons to take care of them. You should always expect for a counter for this play. Be ready to use an AoE spell or troops to counter his next card (e.g. Fire Spirits, etc.).

If you watch the latest tournaments, you can see that most of the players are waiting to drop their card once their opponent’s troops cross the river this is because they’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to counter their card(s). Also be wary for your opponent’s counter-play. Therefore, practicing anticipation is imperative in ensuring your victory in every match.