Clash Royale Tips How to Deploy Upcoming Ice Golem Card

Clash Royale Tips How to Deploy Upcoming Ice Golem Card
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Clash Royale Tips How to Deploy Upcoming Ice Golem Card
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Clash Royale players will soon have the chance to use the Ice Golem Card. The upcoming rare card does not cost much Elixir but has a high HP level.

Clash Royale: Ice Golem Card – What Is It?
It’s a rare and troop type card that is supposed to come out for the Halloween. Just like the Snowman, it also has coal nose and with matching collar.
Unfortunately, this formidable ice beast will only target buildings and it’s quite slow. It only requires two Elixirs to make. The Ice Golem character also has the nasty habit of exploding when it dies. The explosion will cause splash damage to nearby enemies and slows the survivors’ movements.
Clash Royale: Ice Golem – How To Deploy Card
This rare Clash Royale card could be used for defense since it’s capable of taking a lot of damage and can slow down the enemy.
The Ice Golem can also make a tough shield for the Hog Rider. When it dies and slows down the enemies, the Hog Rider can then take over and destroy the Tower. The slowdown effect can also grant the Musketer and Valkyrie additional time to defeat the enemy defenders.
Clash Royale: Ice Golem – How To Unlock Card And Its Potential
Clash Royale players can unlock the rare Ice Golem card from the Frozen Peak in Arena eight. This tough snow soldier has at around 1,100 HP which is more than a Baby Dragon or Mini P.E.K.K.A. ever had, according to clashroyalearena.

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The Mirror can also increase the Ice Golem’s HP to around 2,000 making it an ideal shield for Hog Riders, Musketeers or any other friendly units. The Ice Golem at level 1 has reportedly around 625 Hit Points, DPS of 16 and Death Damage of 23. Clash Royale is expected to release the Ice Golem in less than a week from now.

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