Clash Royale Update: Four Cards Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

Clash Royale Update: Four Cards Leaked Ahead Of Reveal
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Clash Royale Update: Four Cards Leaked Ahead Of Reveal
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Clash Royale is one of the exciting games played today. However, the soon-to-be update of the game was leaked, revealing four new cards. The rumored cards are called Tornado, Elite Barbarians, Clone Spell and Electro Wizard.

Clash Royale Update Leaked, Four New Cards Revealed

Clash Royale plans to release its update anytime soon. The new four cards should have been a surprise for its players but, they were accidentally revealed ahead of the update. The four cards that will soon be part of the game are Tornado, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians and Clone Spell.

Since the upcoming cards of Clash Royale were leaked, many questions started to arise such as how powerful and effective could they be. According to Mobi Picker, Tornado will trap the troops and cannot attack while inside it. After being trapped, it will leave a huge damage to the opponent. It is like a poison freeze.

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The Elite Barbarians can spawn faster than before. Though others are questioning the new card because how can they be used if they have the same level of power. In a report on Racing Junky, the barbarians are rumored to replace the Skeletons.

The Electro Wizard has 138 damage points and low HP, but it can attack two troops when used. Lastly, the Clone Spell can duplicate two baby dragons. The spell will cost three elixir and creates multiple troops up to three tiles.

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Clash Royale’s King’s Cup Over The Weekend

Over the weekend, Clash Royale held the King’s Cup via YouTube Gaming at Los Angeles with $100,000 as the grand prize. The players competed against Orange Juice, Nickatnyte, Chief Pat, Alvaro845, Godson, Ddotty, ClashWithAsh and GamingWithMolt. Since not every player can be present in LA, YouTube Gaming provides a live streaming of the tournament.

Clash of Clans is very different from Clash Royale because the gold in the latter is earned through battle. The players need to create their deck carefully and strategically in order to win and to move up into new arena and level.

Clash Royale is very serious in stepping up its game. That is why new updates are released whenever it is necessary. The four cars leaked can also be a strategy by the developer to keep the players interested in the game. Also, the King’s Cup is another way on how the game can attract new players, too.

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Clash Royale Update: Four Cards Leaked Ahead Of Reveal
Clash Royale Update: Four Cards Leaked Ahead Of Reveal


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