‘Clash Royale’ News & Update: Tornado Card Unveiled; November Patch is On the Way

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‘Clash Royale’ News & Update: Tornado Card Unveiled; November Patch is On the Way
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Clash Royale – TORNADO! New Card Leaked
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“Clash Royale” November patch is right around the corner. Information on the same has been updated online to satisfy the long wait of the gamers. It is expected that there will be a lot of leaks till the update is finally up.

According to a report, the “Clash Royale” update will have four new cards. Supercell confirmed the news and they took to Twitter to reveal the first card which is called Tornado.

Based on the post, it is revealed that, one card is going to be unveiled every two weeks in “Clash Royale.” The Tornado card is going to be released on Nov. 11. Gamers are guessing and already seem to have an idea as to what the other three cards will be. This is based on the sneak peeks and the leaks that are available online, reported Touch Arcade.

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It is reported that after Tornado, Supercell is adding Electric Wizard to the “Clash Royale” deck of cards. Another card that is going to be added is the Duplication Spell card and the Mega Barbarian card, reported The Bit Bag.

Tornado Card: ‘Clash Royale’

In “Clash Royale,” the Tornado card is described as a spell that affects only the troops. Nothing else will be affected by this card. Tornado can cause big damage and it has the ability to drag army units inside its center.

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Tornado will come in handy in “Clash Royale” when dealing with small troops. Even at level 4, it can inflict strong damage that can kill Level 9 Minions. The card can also freeze enemy troops for three seconds. It also has the ability to slow them down when they are within its radius.

By freezing or slowing down the enemy, you will get the advantage to attack or prepare to retreat during the moment. This will help the player avoid greater damage. Tornado can be coupled with Wizard or Bomber in “Clash Royale.”

There is a chance that your rival might use Tornado card against you. This situation cannot be avoided. However, we will have few tips on how to shoot it down when you are being attacked by it. Generally, spells are hard to stop in “Clash Royale” but there is definitely a way in which the impact can be reduced or nullified.

A player has to tactfully entice the opponent to play the spell early in the game. This way, it cannot be used anymore and your troops will be left alone. Keep reading Parent Herald for more updates and tricks on “Clash Royale.”


'Clash Royale' News & Update: Tornado Card Unveiled; November Patch is On the Way
‘Clash Royale’ News & Update: Tornado Card Unveiled; November Patch is On the Way
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